Fresh Starts

Such is my life. Here I am making a New Year’s post two days too late… One of my resolutions was that I would be journaling more often, though. I like to type. I love my computer. So it made sense to do the journaling here….right?

This is my digital happy place. I do almost everything digital now. Digital journaling. Digital scrapbooking. Digital communication. I am all about my computer.

Don’t worry though, I also do a lot not digital. I sew. I have a family (a real one even…not digital). I read….although Amazon’s new digital books are looking cool…. So, this will cover all of that. A little of everything, if you will.

But, probably mostly digital. Mostly.

Looking Forward

So, for 2008, I have taken on some new challenges.

1. I am participating in Big Picture Scrapbooking‘s FREE January class, Get a LOAD of this! (LOAD = LayOut A Day). During the month of January I will be completing a layout each day…digitally, of course. I worried that my speed working in digital gives me an unfair advantage, but I have seen the work of other participants working with paper and they are amazing. Some of their LOs would have taken me weeks on paper… It’s really amazing. If you are interested, the class is still open (til January 15).

2. I have chosen One Little Word for 2008. This is in thanks to Ali Edwards. My one little word is JOY. I am focusing on JOY and being JOYful in 2008. Already being challenged in this. The dryer quit on me this morning. More on that later…

3. I am in the 365 challenge. I will be taking at LEAST one picture per day with my super cool digital camera. I like the idea of having a chronicle of what has been going on around here this year. I missed so much in 2007. Camera wise. Well, and life wise. I was pregnant the majority of the year and slept through alot, but I digress. I really want to have more pictures of the day to day stuff.

And that’s it. These aren’t my resolutions, those are another beast. These are just the digital challenges that I have embarked upon.

Maybe you’d like to join me?

The Death of the Dryer

Our wedding anniversary was yesterday. This is relevant, how? You may be asking yourself. Well, the dryer was a wedding gift. We received it nine years ago TODAY. To the day. It died on it’s birthday. How sad is that? Even worse? I had to call my husband, Party Boy, and tell him. This. Less than a month after I fried the oven with cheese dip. Which required a full kitchen upgrade. Oy. I’ll save that story for another day, okaythanks.

He took it well, though. AFTER I promised that I had NOT been near the dryer with cheese dip. Heck, I try to stay away from the dryer as much as humanly possible.

But, the motor burnt out in the night, I guess. It went quietly. It would cost $250 to fix. So, we are also looking at buying a new one. If for no other reason than this one is an el cheap-o model and burns more energy than I do what with all my digital stuff. And that’s a lot of energy.

I would rather have a clothesline, but those are prohibited by our Home Owner’s Association (darn them…) and our yard is really too small anyway. So a dryer is my only option. Which is really important to me at this juncture. Witness…the cloth diapers currently NOT drying in my bathroom.

I NEED a dryer. Badly. For now it is all disposable diapers. Which are quite costly, by the way. It pains me to throw each 20 cent diaper away. Pains me. Especially since Junior Burger is kind of a pooping machine. We use a LOT of diapers.

So you can see how my choice of the word JOY is a little bit of a challenge? On the other hand, new appliances do bring me Joy. Doing less laundry will bring me joy. The laundry mounting up to stage a revolt while we are dryer-less will not bring me joy. But, maybe I can lock it in the closet and focus on my digital happy place. That will bring me joy. But, if you come over, don’t go in the closet. Okay?


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