Lazy Sundays

I love lazy Sundays. You know the kind. You get up and go to church and when you get home, don’t do much of anything else. Love em.

SSCB (my beloved DH) took over with Junior Burger, which was nice and a much needed break for Mama. He is 3 months old now, and loves attention. Too much, it is only Mama that will comply. Sisters lose interest fast and Daddy is too often out of town. Anyway, SSCB and Junior Burger watched a little football and took a nap.

And I played in Photoshop and created a scrapbook page about JOY, my One Little Word. I also did some other pages in an attempt to get all caught up after my laptop took a week long hiatus.

I was musing during Bible Study, after talking to a dear homeschooling friend of mine, about what a JOB teaching my kids really is. Lately, Tater Tot (age 5 and a HALF) has taken to dragging her feet during reading. I haven’t yet decided what she is trying to accomplish. I think it could be a misguided ploy to get more undivided attention, a lack of quality sleep (for her, I haven’t had a good nights sleep since January 2000), or a failed attempt to make me give up on teaching her how to read. It is exhausting. It is WORK. But, I love it. I love that my kids really do enjoy learning. Even when it is hard. Sure they test me, they always will, but mostly we have a lot of fun.

Ah, lazy Sunday. Can you linger a little longer?

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