Do you ever have days where you really and truly got a ton of work done, only it doesn’t look like it? I had one of those days yesterday.

I completed a digital kit. I homeschooled my kids. I did our 2007 taxes. I made my Dad a birthday card. I did laundry. I cleaned the living room. I cleaned off my desk.

All of that in addition to the regular occuring housework. And yet….you could walk into the house and wonder what I had done all day.

Truthfully, the taxes consumed most of the day. But I am glad that they are done!

And thankfully, SSCB has learned not to ask me what I did all day anymore. That only had to blow up in his face a couple of times before he quit asking.

On the digital kit front – I am working a boy kit. I wanted something different for JB. While I can still happily use the baby blue baby kits that I have so many of, I felt like I wanted to have some stuff that wasn’t babyish….more toddler-like, or even little boyish (I’ll tackle teenager when that gets a little closer…).

So, out come the deep blues and greens. I like it a lot. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!


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