We are TOO Scientific!

We Small Fry was born she had a club foot. Thankfully our pediatrician recommended that we take her to Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. She was enrolled in a new therapy for club feet that was far less painful and less invasive than the traditional therapy.

When she was three she had surgery to ease her range of movement. It was a great experience. She really only remembers that she got lots of toys when she got to the hospital and that she was coddled and kept entertained by the wonderful staff!

After her surgery we were called and asked if we would participate in a scientific study involving children with club feet. Sure! We love science. So, every two years we pack up and head to the hospital and the scientists hook Small Fry up to leads and reflective balls to measure her muscle strength and gait. She walks around and they video her and we all have a great time.

We also go in every 18 months or so to see her orthopedist and he checks her progress. The kids love going to the hospital because, well, because everything there is all about kids! They have toys and books and games and we never go that we don’t come home with something fun. I am not even sure that they understand that it is a hospital.

And a really positive side-effect has come of this. SRHC doesn’t just treat club feet. They treat lots of different childhood afflictions. The girls have gotten used to seeing children on crutches, in wheelchairs, with walkers and in every state imaginable. They probably won’t realize for a long time just how lucky they are to be healthy and whole, but I imagine that someday they will look back and understand just what a gift they have in that.


One thought on “We are TOO Scientific!

  1. Erika says:

    I am so glad your daughter is doing well. We found out my son had a dodgy eye because we agreed to him being tested for a large study (I am a demographer so I LOVE big data sets from the population). My kids get a huge reality check when we go the hospital each year for my daughters tests (she has multiple allergy syndrome), I always cuddle them a little bit more after those visits. Love your piccies from the zoo. I am so immature, I still love watching the monkeys.
    Best wishes,

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