American Girl

Tater Tot picked out her birthday present. Kirsten.

She was adamant that she wanted a blond haired, blue eyed doll. Much to Small Fry’s chagrin. Small Fry had been campaigning for weeks that Tater Tot should ask for Felicity because Small Fry is the proud owner of Felicity’s best friend Elizabeth.

And because Tater Tot loves her sister (and because Small Fry no doubt led TT to believe that it was a given that they should have matching dolls) she went along and at first told us she wanted Felicity.

And then I pulled TT aside and explained that she could have any doll that she wanted. She didn’t have to get Felicity, that all of the dolls could play together!

Her eyes lit up! It was a toss up between Kit, Julie, and Kirsten. The tie-breaker? Kirsten has blue eyes and long blond hair.

Now she just has to wait for her birthday. What a cruel, cruel world.

And does it bother anyone else that Julie, the latest historical doll, is from the 1970’s? That is really disturbing to me. I mean, come on…what’s next? Jessica of the 80’s complete with parachute pants and a Member’s Only Jacket? Ugh. I don’t like to think of the 1970’s as historical. It just makes me feel old.

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