Hollywood and Party Boy

My DH (previously known as Super-Sonic Cheeseburger) has a habit of changing people’s names. He either nicknames them or just forgets their names and calls them by some random name. And since most people are too polite to point it out (especially sales people that want his $$$) he just goes on calling them by the wrong name. I haven’t yet figured out if he does this on purpose, or if he really is that bad with names. He won’t tell me either. He just smiles knowingly and evades the question.

So anyway, daughter #2, previously known as Tater Tot, loves sunglasses. Loves them. She wears them all the time, even inside.

So, DH started calling her “Hollywood.” It was funny, and now it’s stuck.

We were at the mall the other day and Hollywood was, once again wearing sunglasses, as if she needed protection from all of the paparazzi flashbulbs! Dh starts in on the Hollywood nickname again. She just smiles and plays along.

And then, are you ready for this? He asks her, “You ready to go Hollywood?”

She replies, “I sure am, Party Boy.”

Now at this point Party Boy is speechless and DD#1 and I are laughing so hard that we can barely walk. We were creating quite the scene at the mall.

And it’s stuck now. Hollywood and Party Boy. I love it!

As an editorial note, DD#1 will now be refered to as “The Mouth of the South.” Go figure. She picked that one. 🙂


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