Confessions of an Avoidant Personality

Have you ever had a hobby or activity that you really enjoy? And then suddenly life gets in the way and you wind up missing some serious time with said hobby? And then getting back into it is hard and so you don’t and the next thing you know it’s almost embarassing to get back to it? Yeah, that’s me.

Sorry for the huge lag in posts. Really.

See, I got really busy when Junior started getting seriously mobile and it was hard to have a coherent thought, much less put it on paper (so to speak) between pulling him off the curtains and monitoring where all of the cords in the house were and making sure they didn’t get unplugged and eaten… sigh.

Compound that with a lack of baby schedule and well, there’s very little time in the day.

Happily Junior is still mobile and now is on a rough routine. This leaves me a little more time. Whew.

So, I’ve been avoiding my blog. Because I was embarrassed. But I am back now, although I can not promise daily posts, unless somehow this blog goes viral and I start getting a check for my work here, in which case I will happily post every HOUR!


One thought on “Confessions of an Avoidant Personality

  1. runningmemaw says:

    So happy to see you posting again…even though I talk to you often I still missed reading your blog –


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