Movies and something I had not considered…

So, The Dark Knight opened this last weekend and had record breaking ticket sales.

I immediately know why, even if Hollywood couldn’t figure it out. Duh, there’s not been a movie as hyped as this one all year. Also, one of the lead actors (Heath Ledger) sadly passed away earlier this year. Add to that the lack af many good movies and VOILA! you have a record breaker on your hands.

But then….Party Boy asked me a pointed question. If The Dark Knight had been released on Memorial Day weekend or July 4th weekend, which have historically been the release dates of the huge summer blockbusters, would it have been as big?

Hmmmmm. I don’t think so. There was too much competition those weekends. Iron Man on Memorial Day and Hancock on the 4th. I think it might have split the take, you know?

Personally? It kills me that they didn’t release it one of those weekends, you know, when I could have actually GONE???

Yeah, I wanna see The Dark Knight. We are so getting a babysitter soon. Real soon. I will see The Dark Knight in theaters… I will.


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