How a Free Tool Can Actually Bankrupt You.

WARNING: You should read this post at your own risk. I can not and will not be held responsible for your wallet flying open and money that comes flying out of it because of my pointing you in the direction of Kaboodle.

See, Kaboodle is this VERY nifty tool for shopping online. You are browsing the internet, looking at all the cool things that you want/need/must have and it never fails, always find more when you don’t have any money!

Kaboodle to the rescue! Now when you are flat broke and want to browse you can! Just add your stuff to Kaboodle. Then when you have saved up the nickels and dimes (incedentally, are you finding that nickels and dimes are all you have left after filling up the gas tank lately?) you can browse your Kaboodle and find someone else to take your money!

Spending your money just got easier courtesy of Kaboodle. Don’t you feel richer for knowing this? In the metaphorical sense of course since in reality Kaboodle is going to make you poorer… I’m just sayin’.

Anywho. go forth and find the decorations for your dream house, photography equipment for you aspiring photogs, digi designs for you digital divas and let’s fill those Kaboodles! You can organize by topic and create wishlists… the possibilities are endless.

And all of you lucky Firefox users can add sweet little browser buttons that allow you to add to your Kaboodle with the click of one button. You lucky thing!

But don’t blame me okay? I mean, you would have eventually spent that money on something right? Even if it was something as mundane as groceries, or toilet paper….


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