Wild Week Ahead!

I wanted everyone to know that posting may be sparse this week because we are having Vacation Bible School this week!! How is it that I can work a 3 hour VBS and come home feeling like I have done hard labor for a 16 hour shift?!?

My goodness it’s just exhausting!

MOTS is loving her class and Hollywood is next door to me, which is fun because her class and my class are teamed together so I get to see her quite a bit during VBS.

PBJ is okay being in the nursery, although he can’t sleep through the crying. On the plus side, cutting his naps in the morning to 20-30 minutes has meant that he naps for almost 2 solid hours in the afternoon. This is a good thing except that I am too exhausted to take advantage of it.

So, enjoy your week and I will update as I can based on schedules, etc.


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