Fall Must Be Getting Closer…

It must be getting close to “fall.” I say “fall” because here it stays HOT until it just one day get COLD. We really don’t have a real fall. Anyway, it must be close to fall because I feel liek my life just shifted into overdrive.

We start school back up on September 2. So I am in the middle of getting our year all settled and planned and organized.

I agreed to head up our church’s AWANA program. It’s a huge job and I have now 20 days to prepare for the first meeting. I’m not in it alone, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less work! It just means that I don’t have to do EVERYTHING! Thank goodness. Whew!

Bible study promotion is in a week and a half. We’re in the midst of planning a great kick-off activity. Gotta get that all organized.

There’s tons of trainings, meetings, prep times, cleaning, etc. for all associated activities.

In a word? SWAMPED.

On the bright side though, it does mean a return to routine, which is nice. I am looking forward to that.

How is your fall shaping up?


2 thoughts on “Fall Must Be Getting Closer…

  1. runningmemaw says:

    The last day 😦 Fall looks good so far, good team, good subjects…time will tell. Don’t work too hard!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    How cute is your new header! Awesome job!

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