The lake

We spent three days at the lake this week with my inlaws. It was good. We stayed in a rental house that was okay. Let’s just say it would have been perfect if we were all college age drinking buddies. I’ll leave it at that.

This week is going to be sooooooo busy. I need to finish getting the school stuff ready and get all that set for the first day of school on September 2nd.

All the fall church stuff starts week after next so there are MORE meetings. Ugh.

Junior has decided that now is the perfect time to increase his skills and he tries to escape every time the gate gets left open. Or a door. Or a cabinet. He’s started making word sounds too. You know what I mean? Sounds that really sound like words? Like at the lake – he would point (another new skill) and say “DUH!” (duck) and “KAA!” (quack).

Maybe I give the kid too much credit?

Anyway, back to the school thing and prepping for that. I am looking forward to being in a groove again. As much as I enjoy our breaks (and I really need them too!) I like having the schedule too. I like knowing that from 7:30 to about 12:30 we’ll have plans. After 12:30 it usually all goes to pot, but we’re getting better. This will be the first year with a toddler in the house. It should be interesting to say the least. I’ll let you know how it goes!



One thought on “The lake

  1. jen says:

    have you seen this digi place?
    i get their update emails each week and they have 3 freebies! love freebies as I am sure you do too!!

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