Oh my!

Well, fall has fallen in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Not so much here. It’s still 90 someodd degrees every day, although we are supposed to get a cold front sometime this week, I think. Then the daytime highs will drop to around 85. Woopee. Color me excited.

Anyway. I told you all I would be busy!!

AWANA got off to a rocking start and is sailing along pretty well now. I went to an amazing Fall Conference last weekend and learned SO MUCH! I am excited about the things that I have planned for my club and the work that I see the kids doing!

I joined another CT – Pamela Donnis is a new (not that you can tell) designer and is selling at Elemental Scraps. Probably one of my fave LOs with her stuff is this one with the Snips N Snails Kit:

 We went to an book signing with Mo Willem(s?) and got to hear him read his new Pigeon book. How fun!
In other news – my super-brother ran an ultra-marathon last weekend in Lake Tahoe. I was here being a wonderful sister and dog-sitting his 90 pound toddler Great Pyrenees, W. W is almost a year old and a toddler in every sense of the word! I haven’t been that tired in a LONG time. You can read all about my brother’s run here.
I plan to be blogging more now that things have settled down some. Of course, with things settled down I don’t know if I’ll have anything to say? 
Just kidding. I’ll think of something! 

One thought on “Oh my!

  1. RVingGrams says:

    Grandpa and I don't think you will have a hard time fining something to say. Busy Girl! LOL Screwballgramps & grams

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