The Best Digital Scrapbooking Site You’ve Never Heard Of…

Or maybe you have heard of it. But, it is my new fave digital supply shoppe. Why? Well, because of the challenges, of course!

See, Elemental Scraps has these rocking scrapping challenges. They’re fun to do – so you should definitely try one or two. A couple of my favorites are the Scrapjack Challenge where you get a specific formula for finishing a page, and the Flip It, Flip It Good Challenge (and I love the Devo reference, don’t you?), where you scraplift a page and rotate or flip the design. Very fun. And let’s talk about the Bits and Pieces challenge – you get a FREE mini kit and the challenge is to design a page using only pieces from that mini kit…like this one I did:

Created using Bunkbeds Mini by Erin Keith

So, besides helping me get a ton of pages completed in a short amount of time, I also earn cash money for completing the challenges! Yeah, you heard me right. Cash! Hang with me.

Each challenge is worth 5 points.

There are 20 challenges per month.

So, if you complete all the challenges you earn 100 points.

And….each point is worth 5 cents.

Complete all of the challenges and you could earn $5 in ES cash every month. Now, I know that may not seem like a whole lot of money, it will buy you one whole kit (or 5 if you wait for Dollar Days!). So, that’s a kit that cost you nothing but time spent scrapping, and you were going to do that anyway, right??

Like I said. I love Elemental Scraps. What can I say?

And any of you out there that don’t scrap digitally, I am available for private lessons! 😉


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