All’s Quiet…

Sometimes the only time I get to blog is when the house is quiet after everyone else is in bed. Like tonight.

The December Daily album is coming along well. I am through day 4 and have finished day 7, mostly. Five and 6 are a bit of a challenge, since I don’t know what I want to do with them just yet. Hope to have them done tomorrow.

Here are the digital images through day 4. After I get it all printed and assembled (hopefully tomorrow) I will post pictures of the real life album! I bet you are so excited!

Day 1

Created with Merry and Bright by Pamela Donnis
Day 2 is difficult to display in this format and have it make sense, so I’ll show it as a completed page.
Day 3

Day 4

Created with Freshly Fallen by Jennifer Barrette
The advent calendar is not coming along so well. This may be one of those projects that gets done and is used next year! See –
So far it’s been primed, painted, and I have cut paper for the top and bottom. Now it’s all about the day magnets. Sigh. Like I said, it may be next year.

One thought on “All’s Quiet…

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