Some More December Daily

I have been working madly on the many projects I’ve got going this month – here’s a sample of life as told in my December Daily album:

Here’s the front of day seven’s page – a shameless scraplift of this page from Ali’s book.

Here’s the back side. The pictures weren’t so great, but I am working with what I’ve got, so…

Skipping ahead… here’s day 13.

And day 14 – you’ll notice that I finished the advent calendar. YAY!

And day 15.

Day 16 – Seriously cold!

Day 17 – One of my favorite pages so far (along with day 7). I made the angel ornaments for friends. I have taken their names of the page for display. Internet security, you know… This is actually a 2-page spread. The split comes about 2/3 across the photo.

Well, Christmas draws ever closer. We’re pretty much ready. Are you?


One thought on “Some More December Daily

  1. runningmemaw says:

    As you probably already knew, the last page has GOT to be my favorite…I know you put that one in there just for me! (Actually they are all REALLY good…) Love ya!


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