Project 365 – Week 1

It seems as though every scrappy site, message board, and blog in the whole wide internet is burning up with Project 365.

In short, it’s a project that involves taking one picture a day for a year. Because, after all, how cool would it be to look back and have a pictorial review of every day?

I decided to get involved as I was uploading my pictures from 2008 to Shutterfly. I upload by month and I noticed that there were some months where I had only picked up my camera ONCE during the entire month! One day out of 30 or 31 was documented. I also noticed that I had a habit of taking pictures only of events – trips to the zoo, botanical garden, birthday parties, etc. I realized that I was missing an entire aspect of my life – those little everyday (sometimes really sweet, sometimes not) moments that you can never get back. I resolved that 2009 would be different. I resolved to pick up a camera (mostly mine, sometimes MOTS – a point and shoot) and take at least ONE picture every day.

I will not be scrapping each page individually. Don’t need a 365 page scrapbook. Much like my blessings album that I am working on I plan on compiling all of my 365 pictures into a page a week. Then I’ll have a nice book chronicling this crazy journey from 1/1 to 12/31 of 2009.

For your scrappy pleasure, I present week 1:

Created with Pamela Donnis’ Frosty Flurries and template from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

P.S. Jen, you can have the creative brain for the weekend, okay? I just need it back on Monday if that’s alright… 😀


7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 1

  1. Barb says:

    Good luck! I did it last year and about April or so, it gets to be a real challenge. I’m so glad I did it, however!

  2. What a pretty layout – I love how you highlighted the flowers you saw at the restaurant. That striped background paper is so cute too!

  3. Tammy says:

    Yes, there is a big buzz about the 365 and maybe that will be something I will do next year. I need a decent camera first.

    I love your layout and I noticed you had Black Eyed Peas. You must be a southern girl to know to eat them on the 1st of January for good luck.

    And yes, my dog Ernest T. Bass is as crazy as the character on Andy Griffth. He is a rescued boxer and came with the name of Ernest. So we just named him with Ernest T. Bass. My husband and I love that character too.

  4. SarahG says:

    Great idea scrapping a week at a time, your page looks Awesome!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. runningmemaw says:

    OK…just an FYI – I DON’T like that I can’t enlarge the picture on this blog so I can read it! Remember, I am OLD and can’t see that little print. On your old blog I could double click and read what you wrote…It doesn’t work here for some reason….or is it just me???

    Love the pictures (what tiny little things they are, lol)…

    Great idea! Keep it going!!
    Love ya,


  6. Jennifer says:

    I have enough papers to grade to last me forever. I don’t anticipate anything creative happening this weekend. Of course, I rarely anticipate when it hits…

  7. […] am doing Project 365. I did week one and displayed the page I made with my pictures here. But then I saw this […]

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