Perpetual To-Do List

Today (and yesterday) were days of perpetual to-do lists. I mark something off of the top and three more things get added to the bottom. Ugh.

Ever have a day like that?

I am slogging through, just doing what I can. I guess I can’t really do any more than that! 🙂

Captain Chaos had his 15 month well-check today. 6oth percentile in height and 10th percentile in weight. Tall and thin, that’s my boy. He took his 2 shots in stride and only cried until it was all over. And for the first time since his 4 month check…..(insert drumroll here)…..NO EAR INFECTIONS!!! YAY! He has had an ear infection (with no symptoms) diagnosed at every well check since he was 4 months old! Whew. Why do I feel like we dodged a bullet??

Have a great Monday – now go tackle that to-do list.


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