The Adventures of Captain Chaos

I got up early this morning to work out. I got in 12 minutes on the treadmill before Captain Chaos woke up and started calling me. Oh well.

I went and got him and got his breakfast and mine and we sat down to eat. The kid LOVES Nutri-Grain bars. He is such an easy kid. When we got up from the table I stripped his pajamas off of him and changed his diaper. As I was getting his clothes ready to put on him he jumped up and ran away. I called him back and tried to get him to come back to me, but, being 15 months old, he was having none of it. It’s way more fun to run around half-naked!

I chased him down and when I caught him he held up his hands. I thought he wanted me to pick him up, but he pushed my hands away from his chest and held my hands. He pulled me down to the floor and once I was sitting he jumped, yes, went airborne, into my lap. I guess he just wanted to snuggle. He sat in my lap for about 5 minutes and then ran off again. I finally got him dressed, but it was a workout.

The day just kinda went like that. During school he dumped a giant bucket of 120 tangrams on the kitchen floor. I was picking those up (he was supposed to be helping me) but when I looked away he made a break for it and climbed into the window seat where he proceeded to try and climb the blinds like a ladder. After I pulled him down from there and “we” – I use that term so loosely – finished picking up the tangram pieces he headed straight for the laundry room. I had to get lunch started so I wasn’t paying attention until I saw a little blue streak run past the kitchen door. He was wearing Hollywood’s tights like a cape and her sweatpants on his head. It was a sight to behold. Sorry, no pictures. The girls took their clothes away before I could get the camera.

I tell you, we have more fun around here than you can shake a stick at.


One thought on “The Adventures of Captain Chaos

  1. yup…that sounds like a 15 month old. Glad to know you have fun adventures like me. 🙂 Love you!

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