New Words

One of the things that I really enjoy in watching my kids grow up is watching them master language.

Captain Chaos is learning all kinds of new words. He already says Mommy, Daddy, Ba-Ba, and Bah (ball).

This week he has added Gooky (cookie), Lie (light), and Pee (please). I want to document that. I know I wish I had written more about the girls when they were little. Captured more of the little things.

Hollywood is chugging right along and reading pretty well these days. She is getting better with sight words and has really improved in sounding words out.

And MOTS. There’s just no stopping her. She’ll read naything you hand her. Currently she’s re-reading the Harry Potter series. Both the girls are working to earn a free ticket to Six Flage for this summer. Very exciting stuff!

I love that my kids love language. Even when it is a struggle like learning to read can be, or learning to talk and be understood.

Next up? Learning to be understood using the written medium!

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