52 Blessings – Week 3

Week 3’s blessing is also my third child, Captain Chaos. His name kinda says it all. He brings a special kind of energy to our household, and he makes me laugh. A lot. He’s starting to talk too, which brings another facet into this crazy relationship.

Last night we were playing a game that we play pretty often. I ask him “Who’s Hollywood?” and he points to Hollywood. “Who’s MOTS?” and he points to MOTS. “Who’s Mommy?” and he points to me. I asked him, “Who’s Captain Chaos?” and he looked at me with a little twinkle in his eye and said, “Da-da baybee. (Daddy’s baby).” This is something that Party Boy says to him all the time. And he pulls it out – out of the blue. It kills me!

Click the photos for credits.

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