On the Nightstand

I am a reader. I don’t read as much for my own enjoyment as I used to – no time with three kids chasing around here, but I do still try to sneak books in now and again.

Currently I am working on:

Marley and Me – I am a few chapters in and it is HILARIOUS. It’s the book I read on the treadmill in hopes that it will incentivize me to actually get on the treadmill.

Be the Pack Leader – Thinking about getting a new/bigger dog. I want to understand how dogs think and how I should think in regards to a dog.

I have about 42 bazillion novels on my shelf awaiting my reading. For this I can thank my Mom. She reads like crazy and passes all of the books to me. I am trying to get back into a habit of reading something besides the girls school assignments, the Wall Street Journal (and blogs) every day. I also have 1776 and the History of the English Speaking People in ITunes. Thinking about firing those up too.


One thought on “On the Nightstand

  1. Donna Miller says:

    That’s GREAT! You are your mothers daughter.

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