Things I am Loving Today

1. Powering through my To-Do list. I love crossing things off!

2. Having the windows open and airing out the house in January.

3. Planning a new rose garden for this spring. I am thinking about these roses.

4. Cleaning out the 2008 files and archiving them. Empty file folders sing to me.

5. Having yummy leftovers to heat up for lunch. Not digging cold sandwiches so much these days.

6. Getting organized. I am not buying any organizational tools (baskets, boxes, storage, etc.) until March due to my shopping embargo. This has forced me to really evaluate my spaces and think about how I want to organize rather than running out and buying something that may or may not work. The first place I am checking come March is the CCA Resale shop. I saw some beautiful baskets there when we dropped some stuff off yesterday!

7. Watching Captain Chaos play with toys the way they were intended to be played with (you know, not all toys are intended to be missiles!).

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