What a Week.

Being sick this week really threw my schedule out the window. I feel like I have been walking through molasses all day, so I haven’t gotten as much done. Really seriously irritating.

On the up side I did get the carpet cleaner figured out. Good stuff. I had forgotten what our carpets looked like clean. I know that sounds really gross, but apparently our old carpet cleaner wasn’t doing as great a job in the last few months (years?). Add to that the fact that the carpets are light beige? Well, it’s a recipe for dirty, and dirty-looking, carpets. Anyway, they’re all clean now. I want to do a rinse on them to make sure all of the soap is removed because I read that it helps keep the carpet cleaner longer.

I am feeling better and hope to get a good nights sleep. I think that will help more than anything.

I know I owe you a couple of layouts. One Project 365 – need to finish that one. And one 52 Blessings – got that one done, but the kit hasn’t been released just yet, so I’ll post that one on Monday!

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