Captain Chaos – The Daddysitter

I needed to get some cleaning done today. I needed to finish the carpets, clean the kids rooms – you know, all the chores that don’t get gotten to during the week. So, when Party Boy asked me how he could help I told him he would need to be in charge of baby-wrangling. In other words I needed a couple of hours to just really focus on the actual cleaning.

We got home from the last basketball game and got started (Hollywood’s game went well – they don’t keep score – and MOTS team won 12 to 2. She even got a rebound!). We joked about the baby-wrangling, and how Captain Chaos probably thought it was more like he was daddysitting.

The boys went for a run (Captain Chaos took Daddy for a walk). When they got home they were immediately sent out to retrieve dinner (Captain Chaos ordered chicken). We ate dinner and then Captain Chaos supervised Daddy’s bedtime routine. Hee Hee! You can imagine how angry Captain Chaos was when he got sent to bed first.

We heard all about it for about 30 seconds before he conked out and went to sleep. I know that’s exactly how he sees things. I know he absolutely thinks that he is in total control. That I ever get my way is only because I am bigger and can pin him down if need be…

Poor kid.


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