Super Bowl Sunday Round-up and Blessing Week 4.

We had so much fun yesterday that I completely forgot to blog. Oops!

We had an amazing speaker at church: Afshin Ziafat. He was born into a Muslim family, but became a Christian as a teenager and his testimony was amazing. So inspirational and convicting!

When we came home we cleaned and ate lunch and then I started cooking for the Super Bowl! We had friends from our Bible Study class (our fellow teachers) over. I don’t think we watched most of the games. Saw a lot of the commercials, though. We talked and laughed and just had a fun time. We needed that.

After the game was had to watch the special one-hour episode of “The Office.” I only have one thing to say about it –

“Oh my God, the fire is shooting at us!”

Best. Line. Ever.

So, I boo-boo’d last week when I made this layout. The kit wasn’t available yet and I didn’t want to spoil it all for the designer. My bad. It’s available now, so I can post it! I’ll post week 5 tomorrow and get all caught up. Later this week will be catching up on Project 365 layouts as well.

Image linked for credits.

Have a great Monday!


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