Project 365 – Catching Up Week 4

It’s been a wacky day. Captain Chaos won’t stay out of the exersaucer, even though he keeps getting stuck. Hollywood lost her AWANA book and doesn’t have a verse memorized this week. MOTS is grouchy cause she’s been staying up late every night. It’s just been a tough day all around.

On the positive side – LOST is on tonight. There’s a new Office tomorrow night. Captain Chaos spent 20 minutes saying “I duh doo (I love you)” to me and blowing kisses after I gave him a banana for snack. The girls did all their schoolwork without much prompting from me today. It’s been sunny for two days straight. I have my health (finally). So, there ya go. Tough day or no? I guess it’s all in the perception.

I finally had time to catch up on Project 365 – Here’s Week 4’s pics. I’ll post week 5 tomorrow or Friday.

One thought on “Project 365 – Catching Up Week 4

  1. There’s nothing like good TV to put a positive spin on the day!

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