Weekend Wrap-up

On Friday I did something I don’t uaually do. I watched 20/20.

I don’t usually watch 20/20 because they very rarely have a topic that I am even remotely interested in. Friday was different. Friday’s topic was the children of Appalachia. Now, this is particularly interesting to me because of a book we read a couple of years ago, Mary on Horseback. Mary was a nurse that worked in Appalachia trying to introduce regular medical care and vaccines to the families in the area. The book was wonderful and we really enjoyed the story. It touched me to know that there was such abject poverty in America of all places.

Sadly, things haven’t changed much.

There is still abject poverty in that area. Still lack of education (as the show pointed out, why persue an education when the best you can do after graduation is work at the local burger shop or as a checker at the grocery?). Still lack of access to basic medical and dental care. And now, a huge drug problem.

Thankfully there are people working to change things and are making a difference. It still felt a little hopeless. They’ve come a long way, but they still have so far to go! It made me really appreciate the opportunities that I have been given.

Saturday was all about basketball games (Hollywood actually got in closer to the basket and tried to steal the ball at one point). After MOTS game (really close, her team lost by 2 points) we went to eat at a local Tex-Mex place and then headed out to Cabela’s. If you’ve never been to Cabela’s then you don’t know what you’re missing. I am not a big fan of the outdoor store in general, but we had so much fun! The kids had a great time too, especially Captain Chaos – he LOVED it!

Today was church and then rest at home. It was nice and just what we all needed.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Back to the old grind in the morning!


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