Why Financial Advice Is Always Risky!

Got a letter today from an accounting firm nearby. Seems they are auditing the books at our church and needed to verify a donation. Made by MOTS. In the amount of $2.

Yeah. Really.

So, I am reading the letter and sigh and say something about the “silly audit.” Given that it is tax season, MOTS is intuitive enough to know that an audit is a bad thing.

Here’s the conversation:

Me: MOTS, did you put money in a giving envelope at church and write your name on it before you put it in the plate?

MOTS: I don’t know.

Me: Really? Cause I need to know.  Did you?

MOTS: <looking very sheepish right about now> Maybe. I don’t know.

Me: Seriously? I think you do know.

MOTS: Okay. I did. Is this an audit? Cause PePaw said it would be okay!!!


Poor kid. Thought she was being audited and that she had done something bad!

So for the cost of postage (82 cents) I was able to verify for the very fastidious auditors that MOTS did indeed donate $2 to the church last year. I know I feel better.

One thought on “Why Financial Advice Is Always Risky!

  1. runningmemaw says:

    It’s just as funny the second time around!!!

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