Nigh-nigh do-do’s

Okay, I know that’s a weird title, but it will all make sense in a minute. Really!

Saturday night after dinner theater was concluded and we were all cleaned up and ready to leave for home Party Boy suggested that we run out to our most favorite mexican restaurant for sopapillas. This was at approximately 9:45 p.m. so only 2 hours past Captain Chaos’ bedtime….poor kid. The girls were at my parents house for the weekend, so they missed out on this excursion.

Anyway, we get into the truck and Captain Chaos is crying and Party Boy is trying to comfort him and tells him that the sopapillas are like night-time donuts. Captain Chaos quieted down and off we went.

We got home and sat down at the table and gave Chaos his sopapilla, but all he was interested in was a bottle of milk and getting to bed.

Next morning, the sopapilla that Chaos had turned down was in the box on the table when I sat him down for breakfast. I laid out his banana and cereal and he spots the sopapilla and gets all excited!

“Nigh-nigh do-do!” he says! Night-time donuts. Can’t believe he really remembered that! But that’s what we call them now. Nigh-nigh do-do’s anyone??


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