Week-end Wrap-up

Friday – We did our usual on Friday. School, cleaning, and laundry in preparation for the weekend, which was going to be very busy. Captain Chaos discovered my flip-flops and spent most of the day clomping around the house in them.

We went to bed earlier than usual for a Friday because….

Saturday – We got up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for the 2009 Cowtown series of races. Party Boy ran in the 10k (59:55 by his Garmin – 1:00:37 chip time) and Mom and Dad ran in the half-marathon (2:25). They all did really great! It was miserably cold with an incredibly bitter wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour. So the temperature was in the 30s and 40s but the wind chills were down into the 20s. We were all bundled up, but still pretty cold. Round these parts we just aren’t prepared for such temperatures.

The girls walked with Granny (Party Boy’s Mom) in the kids 5k. It took them 57 minutes. They did great though. I took a picture of Granny with all of the kids but it is on her camera (bummer). What was really neat was that the parking garage that we used had an inside area that was heated and had a walking bridge over the 5k start line! We went there after we cheered Party Boy, Mom and Dad on at their race starts. We got to watch the adult 5k start (very cool) and then I left the kids there with Granny and headed out to see Party Boy finish his race. I cheered him acroos the finish line and then we walked back to the garage. The kids 5k was starting to line up so Granny and the girls headed down and we watched them start off.

After the races we piled back in the car and headed to a much deserved lunch at Texas Road House. I love their rolls and cinnamon butter and highly recommend the chili.

We also went to MOTS last basketball game of the season. I have an entire post about that for tomorrow…

Sunday – Because of all of the activity and the extremely long day Saturday we did not go to church this morning. Party Boy also had some business that needed to be handled this morning, so it worked out. The kids all got to sleep in which made a world of difference in their behavior today. I got to sleep in which made me more pleasant…

We cleaned a little, relaxed a little, and we started a new church-wide devotional program. It is really a cool thing to be studying the same passage across ministries every day for the next year. This evening we had choir rehearsal and then home for dinner.

It was a good weekend. Very busy and quite exhausting, but good.


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