Gardening in my Yard

It happens every year. Every. Year.

March first rolls around, the weather starts getting warmer and I get antsy.

Time to start dreaming about a garden. Which never works out because I was genetically coded (thanks Mom!) with a black thumb. It’s so bad that when we were watching the movie “The Happening” where plants get angry and start killing people that Party Boy said if that ever really happened he’d just send me out to touch all the plants and trees in the area and kill them first. Thanks Honey!

Anyway, it’s happening again. I want to garden. And this year it’s go big or go….back to the garden store? Home just didn’t sound right.

I saw this post and got to thinking about how nice it would be to grow our own vegetables. We eat lots of vegetables and honestly it gets expensive! It really bugs me how much fruits and vegetables cost. So why not try our hands at growing our own?

Party Boy has given the go ahead. We’re going to build two raised beds in the backyard. I am not sure what we’ll be planting just yet. I have to get my handy Neil Sperry book down and do a little research first. For our first year we need to do easy stuff and hopefully have some success, you know?

Keep your fingers crossed for good growing!


2 thoughts on “Gardening in my Yard

  1. Bobbie in Iowa says:

    Sunflowers. Seriously. No fail. You can eat their seeds. 🙂

    But in all seriousness, just about anything ‘basic’ is easy to grow. The Kid LOVES Purple Bush Beans. They are tons of fun for little ones as they start out dark purple but turn green as they cook. We’ve often picked our seeds on the fun names. Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. runningmemaw says:

    yeah…good luck with that – do you remember the garden we had when you were little. The only thing happening was Tuduh getting her stupid head stuck in the chicken wire, LOL!

    Seriously, good luck and if you get anything good we’ll be over for our share…HAH!

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