A Day of Hard Labor

I don’t do a lot of what I would consider hard labor. I leave most of that to Party Boy. He’s the resident manual labor doer. Sadly, he is battling allergies and wasn’t feeling up to much today, plus he’s been working long hours, so…

I went outside withthe kids today and started digging out the grass/weeds where we’ll be putting out vegetable beds. That’s hard work! And truthfully the whole time I was thinking. Mainly about how different life was for people when there was no grocery store and if you wanted to eat then getting out and digging a vegetable bed was how you did it. On a much larger scale of course.

They didn’t have a choice then. I do now. I could throw my hands up and drive to Wal-Mart and buy my veggies there. I don’t want to though.

My main reason for this little adventure is a desperate need to prove that I can keep a plant, any plant, alive. Add to that the security in knowing how the plants were raised and exactly what was put on them, plus the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

And there is a certain pleasure in eating food that you cultivated yourself.

I got one 8 foot bed dug out today. I have the blisters to prove it. I bet I sleep good tonight!


One thought on “A Day of Hard Labor

  1. runningmemaw says:

    And best of all – you were owtide to do all that!!!

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