I am such a bad movie watcher.

Party Boy loves to watch movies. He’ll watch just about any movie, even better if it’s scary.

So, tonight he turned it to “The Ruins.” And I Google the movie spoiler. Hee!

I do this with just about every movie we watch at home unless it’s one that I really want to see. Chris always get irritated with me, then he’ll usually ask if he’s going to like the ending and if the movie is worth watching. In this case the answer is no, by the way.

The scary movies that he likes are thinking movies. Not mindless gore-fests. That’s not spoiling the movie by the way. You had to know from the trailers that was what you were gonna get.

I’m so bad. Really, I like to think that I am just making better decisions about how I spend my time. If a movie is worth watching, I’ll watch even after reading the spoiler.

Let’s just say I’m gonna be busy scrapping while “The Ruins” is on…


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