My Own Little Victory Garden

I love history. I remember studying the victory garden movement when we studied World War II. As this article from the Dallas Morning News stated, “When the boys marched off to World War II, those left behind marched into back yards, parks and empty city lots and feverishly began gardening, convinced that it would help the war effort.” What was amazing was that by the end of the war those backyard and community gardens were supplying 40 percent of the nations produce! All locally grown. Amazing.

While I didn’t start this project with a so-called victory garden in mind, I realized that is exactly what I am doing. I would love to provide more of our own food from our own backyard. Cutting our food expenses, eliminating (or at least limiting) the risk of cross-contamination in the vegetables. There is a certain surety in knowing exactly how your vegetables were raised.

Thing is, I don’t think I am alone. I decided to give Square Foot Gardening a shot, and there is a particular formula for the soil in the raised bed. We went to Lowe’s this morning to buy peat moss, compost and vermiculite. It was so crowded. Not unusual for a lovely Saturday in the spring. What was unusual was the volume of people buying fruit and vegetable plants. Usually the flowers sell out long before the food crops. They had even already sold out their full stock of vermiculite.

So, we headed out to the Feed Mill. Score! They had vermiculite. They also had a ton of people there buying up all of their veggie plants and gardening supplies. It was the first time I had ever had to stand in line there! Obviously, there are many in my area that are getting their own victory gardens going…

Here’s my little garden. See the strings? Those mark my individual beds. They are 2’x2′ sections that will contain different plants. The idea is that instead of growing vegetables in the traditional rows you grow them in squares, maximizing the space and getting the most return. When one square finishes growing you can easily replant it with another plant. I have noted what will go where in the initial planting-

All that has been planted so far are the broccoli, peppers, radishes, and cucumbers. Everything else has to go in sometime in April.

I can’t even tell you how excited the kids are about our new little garden adventure. We had some extra broccoli and the girls planted that in a pot. We also planted some strawberries in a strawberry jar. Then, at the last minute (because I had seen them at Lowe’s and they are incredibly awesome) we got a lemon tree! It is currently in it’s very own large pot in the corner of my living room since it’s still a little cool out at night for citrus plants.  It even has two little lemons growing on it.

Here’s a close-up of the broccoli and the peppers in the background. Those are sweet red peppers. We also have a jalapeno and sweet banana pepper in the other box.

After a very busy day we’re watching one of my favorite movies, (that I actually watched without reading the spoiler!) The Dark Knight. Yay!


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