Rollercoaster Weekend


Saturday was the kind of whirlwind weekend day that I have come to know and enjoy. We slept in really late for us – 8:30! I woke up when Captain Chaos called me over the baby monitor. We got up, had breakfast and got ready to head out the door. Where to? Lowe’s!

Every two weeks Lowe’s hosts a kids project on Saturday mornings. It’s completely free and everything is supplied for you. All of the pieces are pre-cut and the nail holes are pre-drilled. Each of the girls made a table-top basketball goal to use with a ping-pong ball. It was a complete hit (especially with basketball obsessed Chaos). While we were at Lowe’s we wandered down to the tile area as we want to replace the hideous linoleum in the kitchen. We couldn’t really find a tile that just jumped out at us, so I suggested that we should look at countertops first if we were considering replacing those as well. So, off to the countertop display we headed. We spent some time with an amazing kitchen specialist that helped us find the perfect countertops for us. We got a quote, but we haven’t gone so far as to actually buy them yet. Still thinking on that one.

Came home for lunch and a nap for Chaos.While he was sleeping the girls and I went to the library. I got two gardening books and a book containing the letters written between John and Abigail Adams. We’ll be studying the Revolutionary War soon, so I wanted to read up a bit. The girls each picked out some books, but the most exciting find was the book of CD of the Bunnicula Collection! If you haven’t read these books I can’t recommend them enough. They are laugh-out-loud hilarious and I still vividly remember reading them growing up. We started listening in the car as soon as we left the library.

After nap time we headed over to the Sear’s outlet to look at dishwashers. After the great appliance debacle of ’07 we decided to, over time, as finances allowed replace all of the appliances in our kitchen. The dishwasher was next on the list. We spent some time there and found a perfectly good dishwasher with some minor cosmetic damage and got it! Very exciting as the kitchen is really coming together. It was a needed replacement – the old one was starting to run louder and louder. I fear it was on its last legs.

Time to relax a bit.


Church as usual.

Came home and installed the most awesomest product on my back door. We got these really nifty blinds that are behind glass. They’re completely enclosed between the door and the glass over them. The design keeps the blinds clean and keeps them from slamming into the door every time it gets “closed” (I say “closed” because I really mean SLAMMED by any one of the kids going in or out).  They look really nice and work great. I blame my parents, as they installed a set when they moved into their house a few years back and I have coveted them ever since. I think what finally did it was the old blind valance falling off (again) and nearly cracking Party Boy and Captain Chaos in the head. That was the last straw.

On to the kitchen and my least favorite home improvement – plumbing. We took out the old dishwasher and installed the new. The water runs fine. The dishwasher drains fine. It just doesn’t wash dishes. It’s all good though. We bought the Sears warranty and they were extremely helpful and a technician is scheduled to come out on Wednesday. Handwashing isn’t terrible, but I don’t want to do it forever! 🙂

Sadly, Chaos started running a fever last night. He had been coughing since Thursday and we knew he was coming down with a cold – it’s going around.


This morning we got up and Chaos and I headed out to the doctor. Confirmed my instinct that he has an ear infection. Headed to the pharmacy for tissues and antibiotics. Whee. Came home and sent everyone outside. The weather was wonderful! We ate lunch outside and then put Chaos down for a nap. I went back onto the porch to read and promptly fell asleep. It was a lovely nap. And after that I read a ton about organic gardening. It was a pretty lazy day for the most part – hanging out in the backyard and reading and playing with the kids.

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