Tiny Tools, Why Must You Torment Me?

I love things in miniature. Our youth minister has a whole collection of things that are smaller than they should be. I love that!

So when we were at Lowe’s and I saw the tiny tools….well, I really wanted to buy them for Captain Chaos. Then I came to my senses as visions of deconstructed electronics flashed through my head.

Maybe some day, but not today. In the meantime I will enjoy looking at them and dreaming of the possibilities.

MOTS and Hollywood have been clamoring for child-sized garden tools. I am tempted there as well, but I really want to see if they’re going to actually do any work out there before I bite the bullet and get them.

I was clear on this point the last time that MOTS asked for them. Her reply, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to go over your head.”

Me: “You’re going to ask your Dad?”

MOTS: “No. The Easter Bunny.”


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One thought on “Tiny Tools, Why Must You Torment Me?

  1. runningmemaw says:

    OK…I was reading along, just smiling, and then I got to the last line. I haven’t burst out laughing out loud like that in a long time!!! Thanks!!!

    Easter Bunny, huh? Hmmmmmm….makes you wonder what it’ll come up with doesn’t it?

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