Captain Chaos and General Disarray

Okay, so her name was originally WonderGirl. But, after this morning it had to be changed… So she will heretofore be known as General Disarray. She deserves 5 stars.

She was in a great mood this morning as she dismantled my fireplace, removing almost every lava rock in the thing. Repeatedly. She’s fast…

Dumped out the toy box. Turned over the child sized furniture. Tried to climb into the lemon tree’s pot. Turned over the laundry basket. Took apart the race track. Sparated all of the shopping bags and spread them out all over the room. Took every diaper out of her diaper package and played in those. Figured out how to open the box of wipes (so she’s smart, too). And all of this before her morning nap.

Captain Chaos egged her on and helped out of course. One distracts while the other wreaks havoc. It’s the way of every super-partnership, isn’t it?

So, Captain Chaos and General Disarray it is. I know it’s not very girly, but I did get a big, gummy grin when I told her about her blog name, so I have to believe that she approves.


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