Crazy Weekend

Friday night we headed out to my Mom and Dad’s house to dog-sit Demolition Dawg (he’s a Great Pyrenees – you know, a horse-dog). Seriously, I think Demolition Dawg  (DD)is the reason that Captain Chaos calls horses doggies!

We got to see Mom and Dad off to Austin where they ran in the Capital 10,000 this morning. Then we tore into our Subway sandwiches and all of the yummy snacks that Mom and Dad left for us. 🙂 It turned into an interesting night. Captain Chaos decided that he didn’t want to sleep in his Pack n’ Play at 10:30 as I was getting ready to go to bed. DD decided that he wanted to shred his bed into tiny threads, and the girls wanted to watch more cartoons. Yay. So, I took  CC and headed to the girls room. Mainly because their bed is much lower to the floor, so I figured if CC rolled out it was less dangerous.

Then I realized that I had left an over-excited DD in the room with Party Boy. So, I went and brought DD in the room with us as well. Let’s recap – Hollywood, MOTS, CC and I were all in the double bed and DD was on the floor, with his now really shredded bed.

All us humans settled in to watch TV and go to sleep and DD continued deconstructing his bed.

The kids settled in and CC finally fell asleep and then DD decided that he wanted to get under the bed, which is about 6 inches off the floor. So he sticks his gigantic horse-dog head under the bed and then wiggles the rest of him under. He gets about halfway under the bed and his collar gets stuck. Uh-oh. He starts howling and trying to stand up under the bed! The end of the bed is jumping up and down and the dog is stuck. So I had to jump out of bed, half lift the bed and reach under to unhook the collar. DD gats loose and goes and pouts in the corner because he seems to think that I trapped him under the bed.

I laid back down and everyone got resettled. Finally. Sleep.

Minus the dog coming to breathe in my face we all slept pretty well.

Got up Saturday and got everyone dressed. Set the dog up and headed out to McDonald’s for breakfast, then home. We cleaned up and then headed over to Lowe’s for another Build and Grow project – a garden spinner/rain gauge.

After all that excitement we came home and snuggled up to play Wii and just hang out at home – the weather was NASTY and about 38 degrees outside. We had so much fun playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and MarioKart.

Today we had church and then yard work, taking advantage of the much nicer weather.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I’m beat, but totally looking forward to a great week ahead.

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