It’s All About Me

Okay folks, I am gonna do some personal blogging now.

I hurt my shoulder. I don’t know how I did it, which is almost as frustrating as having an aching shoulder. It just started hurting. Like, over a week ago. What’s worse? It’s my right shoulder, which happens to be my dominant hand, so I use it a lot during the day. Ugh.

Anyway, by Tuesday I was starting to worry, because in my experience, when I have overdone it working out or in the yard the pain lasts a couple days and starts to go away. This was getting mildly less painful, but was still sending tingling down my right arm (like I had bumped my funny bone) and making the muscles of my chest sore from overcompensation. Plus the muscle connecting to my shoulder and running up my neck was sore as well. So, I headed over to the doctor.

She said that it didn’t feel like a tear, more than likely it was a strained muscle. Back muscles are a funny thing that way. They get aggravated by the weirdest stuff (right, Mom?).

Anyway, I got permission to continue using Advil for pain management, since that was already working and a prescription for muscle relaxers. I’m only using those at night, since Advil works during the day. They help me sleep without waking up every time I change position. I think that will ultimately help the most since sleep is key to body repair.

So, sitting at the computer has taken a back seat to gentle yoga stretches and core exercises. I found that my injury could be directly related to poor posture and weak core muscles. I adjusted my chair and if I sit up straight the pain very nearly disappears altogether! Yippee!

I am still walking. I put the running on hold for now just to take it easy while I heal. That also helps to loosen up the muscles. I love my treadmill.

Posting may be a little more….random? until I can handle sitting at the computer more. For now, I have to recuperate on the couch in the evenings which has totally eaten up my scrapping time! Augh!

Hopefully after a couple of weeks taking it easy I’ll be back to speed and can start resuming some normal activities. I hope. Oh, man, do I ever hope.

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2 thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. Donna Miller says:

    Get well!! Love You, RVing Grams

  2. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and wish you a speedy recovery with your shoulder! The same exact injury happened to me recently. And the doctor gave me the exact same prescription: ibuproffen and muscle relaxant at night. And gentle stretching. So I haven’t been running quite as much either. Hope you feel better soon! Oh and I really enjoy your P365 pages, they look great.

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