You Were Always On My Mind…

Or, what’s on my mind lately.

1. The Revolutionary Spirit. We are studying the Revolutionary War in history right now. I had always thought that the Civil War period was my favorite period in history. Maybe that was just because that always got the most attention in school? I think now I like the Revolutionary War period better. We are reading “Johnny Tremain,” which we read in high school. I don’t remember enjoying it as much then, but, it’s a really good book.

I also read “My Dearest Friend” a collection of the letters between John and Abigail Adams. It was a little bit of a tough read because of the historical spelling and language, but it shed some new light on the period for me and what the people that lived it must have felt. I am thoroughly enjoying it now!

We  watched the musical “1776.” MOTS really enjoyed seeing some of the names come to life in the debate over independence.

And finally, Party Boy and I watched “The Patriot” on Saturday night. I love that movie and having read and become a little more familiar with the history of the period I found myself catching more of the historical nuances.

I am amazed at the risks that men and women, great and small, took to ensure so many of the rights that we now take for granted. It has made me really appreciate the simple things in my life, like the right to say what I think even if others (and especially the government) don’t agree; the right to worship when, where, and in the way I please; the right to representation, even if I don’t think they’re doing that great a job – I have the right and responsibility to let them know that and I can vote thew out too! What a true freedom! It’s made me remember that, for the people of the time, these were not givens. They risked it all, even their lives, to make sure that we could be truly free. Wow.

2. The Problem of Pain. No, not the book by C.S. Lewis. My own pain. That while it is not debilitating it is annoying and frustrating. I look perfectly fine, I know. And yet the pain nags in my shoulder. It has made me appreciate the years of being pain free and really desire to have that back. It gets a little better every day, but the process is very…tedious.

3. Words. I have been reminded how truly difficult language is. First, in watching Captain Chaos learn that words and sounds have meaning. It seems he picks up a new word every other day or so. Very exciting stuff, that. And second, in watching Hollywood unlock the written word. Her reading has improved so much in the past few weeks. She even remarked to me a couple of days ago that “this is so easy now Mommy.” It made my heart sing to see her not struggling so much! We have a long way to go, and yet the road ahead seems not so treacherous.

4. Naptime. How I love thee.

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