Discovering Old Treasures

Well, I said I was inspired by the HomeMade Simple article on Spring Cleaning Closets. Really inspired. So inspired that I decided to tackle that overwhelming project. I’ll have pictures soon, although, as usual I forgot to take “before” pictures. I do have during shots, though!

Anyway, in cleaning out the stuff that had accumulated in there over the last 9 and a half years I found something really cool. Or, really, I rediscovered it.

In the back of my closet was my Grandmother’s cedar chest. It was back there because when we got it we had nowhere to put it. I do now, and we plan to fix it up and put it there, but that’s another post. It’s a beautiful Lane cedar chest that my Grandmother (I cal her Ga-Ga – pronounced gay-gay) bought in 1946. Yup, it’s 63 years old. The outside veneer is peeling in places and in the front has been nearly destroyed by flood damage. The inside is still pristine.

Sadly, I couldn’t get a picture of the outside because it is currently sitting in my bathroom in an awkward position. But I was able to get some pics of the interior and some of the treasures that I found inside it.

This is what I found when I opened the interior storage case. I had completely forgotten these were in there.

This is one of the dress patterns. I don’t know what this pattern was for, but I suspect it was used for bridesmaids dresses.

This one I know for sure was used for Ga-Ga’s wedding dress. It is an amazing dress. My Aunt still has it. I was going to wear it, but it was going to cost a fortune to alter. I was so sad about that. The lace was made by my Great-Grandmother. It is such a beautiful dress. <sigh>

These are the gloves that she wore. Aren’t they beautiful? They’re pristine.

And here’s the moth insurance certificate. It’s expired. But, it’s cool.

In cleaning out the closet I found some other stuff that really belonged in the chest and added them right in. Right next to my wedding dress, my bouquet, and the girls (and my) coming home from the hospital outfit and blanket.

I love my cedar chest.

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