A Bicycle Safari (Photo Heavy)

We had a big day yesterday. The kind of big day that ends with us sitting on the couch and Party Boy looks at me and says, “Whew, I’m beat.”

We started with church stuff. Good times. We talked about King Saul. And waiting on God. Which was something that I really needed to be reminded about. I am impatient and like to try and hurry things along, which usually doesn’t work out so well. So, it was good to be reminded that I should take a deep breath and trust.

Then we headed home to change clothes really quick and pack up the car for a fun afternoon. Mom and Dad called and asked us to meet them at a local barbecue place, but when they got there it had closed down. So we went to Jimmy John’s for lunch. Yummy! I love their sandwiches!

Then it was back in the car and off to the races – my brother (AKA UncleC) was riding in his very first bicycle road race. We got to the race and it was SO windy… check out Captain Chaos’ hair.

We anxiously awaited the start of the race as we were right next to the start/finish line. Then FINALLY! Here comes UncleC. He’s on the other side of the guy in green wearing the orange sunglasses.

Then it was time for more waiting, although we did get to see several other races start, which was exciting! It was getting to be close to naptime, so Chaos busted out his 5-hour energy.

Just kidding. I am so not crazy! 🙂 It was an empty bottle that UncleC gave him. The kids played.

He really is pushing the wagon with both girls in it. He loved it and the girls really played it up as though they were scared and he loved it!

Here’s PePaw waving bye to the girls as Chaos pushes them away!

Sadly, on the first loop around (5 miles of a 20 mile race) UncleC’s bike lost a spoke which forced him to drop out. We were all pretty bummed for him, but he took it in stride. He has more races this weekend, so his biggest worry was getting the bike fixed up. On a bright note, we decided to go on an African Safari – see?

The animals were all so kind to pose together and right beside their little name cards! Okay, so it was really Cabela’s! Yay for the magic of display animals to entertain small children… Here is the talking display about camping and local wildlife.

And okay, by the end of the day Captain Chaos was less than thrilled with all of the goings-on.

All in all it was a good day. We finished up back at church and then home for a quick dinner. Collapse on the couch and rest…

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