Real-Time Renovations – Day 2

Okay, so the phone rings at 8:45 and the counter-top guys are on their way. Yippee!

They came in and got straight to work.


We went with the 3 cm quartz countertops in cappuchino. The pictures are still a little dark (I forgot to open the windows and haven’t done any post-processing – oops), but they look really goo in real life!

Here’s a closer view –

11:45 A.M. Update – They have broken for lunch – here’s where we are:

All of the pieces are in place and the seams are being allowed to set. By my estimation they’ll install the sink after lunch as well as removing the shims that are hanging out and caulking a few areas!

4:00 P.M. Update –

All done! Yay! Next up we have to tile the backsplash and put in the tile floor. Whee!

Please ignore the baby bottle. That is simply General Disarray’s afternoon snack…

This is probably the biggest change. The bar used to extend all the way to the end of the counters. We cut it out to open up the area into usable work-space and to the dining area. It really makes a huge difference – the kitchen doesn’t feel as closed off now as it did before.

The most important thing though, is that the countertops are in now and we can move towards finishing the kitchen, once and for all!

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