What’s the story?

One of the most frustrating things I have dealt with in my search for genealogical history is the undocumented photo. Unlike today, when pictures are less than a dime a dozen in some cases, pictures used to be a rare thing. Sadly, there are many pictures containing the images of people who will go on unknown. Unidentified. But, even the pictues that I have where the people are identified there are still questions! Where are they? Why are they there? What’s the back story?!?

I shudder to think that my children could inherit a hard drive full of pictures that do not answer these questions. Which is why I blog and why I scrapbook. I do these things to document stories. I have even created some pages that have no pictures. The stories were just that important.

And it helps me to hold on to this fleeting time. As Chaos was grabbing food off of my paper towel* at lunch I thought about how happy I would be when I could have a meal to myself. And then I took it back. It won’t be long until he and the girls aren’t interested in spending enough time around me to care what I eat for lunch, much less want a bite… it’s that moment that I want to grab hold of and hang onto for dear life.

Like this page –

Image linked for credits

It tells the story of how much Chaos enjoyed working in the garage with his Dad bulding the drawers for our armoire. Around the edges I talk about how I hope he continues to want to emulate his Dad. These are the stories I want him to remember. The little things. The daily stuff.

Celebrate Everyday.

* I was eating off of a paper towel because we still do not have a working sink in the kitchen. The hot water line had to be fixed again last night and we installed the drains, but had to wait for the silicone to set before attaching the disposal. And the diswasher line. So by using papertowels I can avoid adding to the horrendous pile of dishes that currently hide my new countertops. <sigh>
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