Yesterday was a good day. We had a trip to Scottish Rite for a follow-up on MOTS foot. You can catch up on that story here. The appointment went well and she got a great report. We go back in three years. Woo-Hoo!

I am working on a new project. It’s about me, which is unusual. I don’t really scrap a lot about me. All the pages are my stories, but they’re usually about my other family members. So, when I saw this idea in the archives of Ali Edwards site I thought I’d give it a try. I will admit, when I struggle with inspiration, I look online and Ali’s layouts usually give me a push – they’re simple and they focus on the stories. This is appealing to me.

So the project is called “Perspective.” It will be a mini-book, and when I finish, I’ll try to remember  to post pictures. I think I might like to do this semi-regularly. I think it would be neat to see how things change over time. Here’s my page about who I am…

Today will be a different sort of Wednesday for us. No church tonight – canceled for Swine Flu. It seems that the CDC changed their recommendation on school closings though when they realized that parents had nothing to do with their kids. Well, duh. It has resulted in chaos around here.

So, today we’ll do our usual thing, but then we’ll be hanging out around the house, which will feel completely weird.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful Wednesday!

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