I have a new phone.

We recently made the discovery that we could have our home alarm system monitired via cellular technology. Well, let me rephrase. We’ve known for awhile that it was possible, but our current company was wanting an exorbitant amount of money to do it. We found another company that was much more reasonable and made the switch. This now eliminates the need for a landline. Except that my old cellphone was pay-as-you-go. Which was going to get mighty expensive!

So I got a new phone with unlimited texting. I have been using my unlimited texting like crazy. I think it drives Party Boy a little crazy as he is getting text messages like:

* 30 minutes til 2 hours of 24!

*cleaning haiku.

cleaning girls room now

i am feeling so beat down

but still i must clean

* Hi! I was bored. Wanted to say hi.

He says my Mom and Dad should get texting so I can spread my texts out a little bit. Or I should start texting my brother. Sadly, when I last texted him his response was “Who is this?!?”

Oh well. I guess Party Boy needs to just accept his fate as the receiver of texts.



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