Happy Memorial Day!

It’s Memorial Day here in the States. On this day we take a moment to remember those that have gone before.

My Papa.

Party Boy’s Papa.

Both served in the Pacific Theater in World War II.

Of course we also, here at the Funny Farm, like to make the best use of our days off.

The plan this weekend was to pull linoleum on Friday (done). That turned out to be a monster of a job. I hate linoleum. Passionately.

Then Saturday, we were going to lay the tile so we could grout Sunday. Yeah. Hahahahahaha! Party Boy neglected to mention that he had volunteered to work at the Special Olympics on Saturday morning. He and MOTS left to do that at 7:30 a.m. They got back at 1. So we lost a half day to a very worthy cause!

We got started like we always do when we lay tile – Party Boy headed outside to mix up the mortar and I did a final sweeping to get all of the dust and crud off the concrete. MOTS and I also picked up the tiles that we had laid out in a dry run as well. Party Boy came in and we started pretty slowly laying tile. We took a long time to get the first tile laid perfectly square and started moving out from that. I think we had laid about 6 tiles when Party Boy went to the mortar bucket to get some more mortar. He got this really funny look on his face and started sputtering something about how the mortar was hard in the bucket. I thought he was joking! He wasn’t joking. The mortar (a 50 pound bag) was completely hardened. It only took 15 minutes to completely harden!

After some panicked exclamations and fevered discussions Party Boy headed out to Lowe’s for a new bucket. While he was gone we discovered that the bucket was too hot to touch and was steaming… weird. I decided to investigate because we had never in all the times we have laid tile had the mortar harden in the bucket. Turns out the mortar that Party Boy got was Rapid Set mortar. Oy. I spent the rest of the time he was gone researching that particular mortar style and learning how best to use it. When he got back we formulated a new battle plan and dove back in. Basically, we had to mix up mini batches and use it all up quickly. Very time consuming,

We managed to get the dining area mostly tiled, except for the tiles around the edges, which needed to be cut. Saturday night Captain Chaos started running a fever, so we decided that Party Boy would go to church to teach Bible Study and I would take Chaos to the clinic. I was pretty sure he had an ear infection.

Sunday the clinic confirmed that there was indeed an infection in both ears, so we got antibiotics for that and headed home. We got back about the same time as Party Boy, so we changed clothes and got to work on the tiles again. We measured and cut the tiles for the dining area and started laying the tiles for the kitchen. We got a bunch done and called it quits about 9 p.m.

This morning we all slept in and when we did get up we proceeded to do some more work on the tile. Party Boy laid the tiles in the kitchen while I worked on mortaring the edge tiles in the dining area. By 4:30 we were both pretty done in and decided to call it quits and enjoy the rest of the day by relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll clean out the grout lines and after work Party Boy will be cutting more tile! Yay! I am hopeful that we can get the rest of the tile down tomorrow evening. Hopeful…

Here’s what it all looks like –

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

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