One Reason to NOT Love Summer

Last night Party Boy and I watched a tornado form over our neighborhood.

We knew early in the day that we were in for some rain and at around 6ish I turned on the news because the clouds to the west were getting darker and darker. That’s when I found out we were under a tornado warning. Great.

So, I keep watching the news hoping desparately that the storm will die down as it approaches our area only to be informed by the lovely meteorologist that a tornado was spotted on the ground about 10 miles due west of us and heading right at us. Off we go to take shelter in the bathroom. The kids sat in the bathtub and blew bubbles, much to the delight of Captain Chaos.

At one point I left them to go check on Party Boy, who was sitting on our back porch. Let me just say that we balance each other out pretty well. I take storms very seriously. He doesn’t. I looked over our neighbors house and said, “Isn’t that a wall cloud, right there?” To which he replied, “Maybe.”

Back to the bathroom.

I was reading when the bathroom door burst open and Party Boy jumps into the bathroom. That’s when I knew it was bad. He was white, and obviously scared.

He just looked at me and began to explain how our rather large garden cabinet on the back porch had been lifted up and sucked off the porch, along with several other items in our backyard. While he sat there. Ugh.

We could see out the window in the girls room that our tree was being whipped around pretty good, but it stood! Yay!

We ended up staying in the bathroom for about 25 minutes total until we decided based on the reports fom the NOAA weather radio (you need one of these) that the danger had passed. We released the kids and watched the storm roll through to the east.

Trees are down all over the neighborhood and some are really twisted off at the base – which to this untrained eye looks like we may have had a mild tornado come through. As much as tornadoes can be mild, mind you. So far, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of large property damage, but we’ll be better able to tell as the sun comes up. If it ever stops raining.

For now, I am thankful that we made it through the storm last night. The kids didn’t seem frightened at all. They took the bathroom drill in stride and even had some fun. I didn’t panic and Party Boy wasn’t sucked off the porch.

Still, this escapade will not be included in any of my 100 reasons to love summer.

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2 thoughts on “One Reason to NOT Love Summer

  1. Ginger says:

    I am soooo glad that everything is okay. That is scary! I thought about you and said some prayers that you were safe as we watched the coverage on TV and it heading straight towards us. I have never been fond of tornadoes and bad weather, but now that we have the boys it seems a hundred times worse!

  2. RVing Grams says:

    Grandpa and I were thinking of you guys at this time.
    We were in Alvarado, Tx. that night and watching the weather reports.
    They were showing storms in Ft. Worth & Dallas and headed right for
    Lewisville. We did say a prayer for you and was thanking God we were
    down south of it.
    Hope you enjoy Estes Park.
    Love You!

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