Help! My Ear is Being Talked Off!

Captain Chaos has definitely discovered his voice. I don’t always know what he is saying, but the talking is pretty constant and (to him) seems to be on a pretty serious subject.

Here’s some recent word acquisitions:

Bugger (BUG-err) – booger, almost always followed by handing you some undesirable slimy object. Eww.

Char – chair

che-os – cheerios. Current fave – Multi-Grain

bubber – peanut butter – current favorite food

darden – garden – the kid loves to grab a trowel and dig. Not always a good thing.

pitoor – picture – he discovered this word in looking at pictures from Colorado!

munny – applied to any small animal, currently the animals from Ice Age 3

deener – dinner – this one is said loudly for any meal.

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